“My Coworker is Sabotaging Me!”

Coaching Tips with Christina A. Arnold, MD 

Ever think, “my coworker is sabotaging me!”

How does that thought feel?

If you are like most people, that thought will lead to a feeling of despair and drive actions such as spinning in negative thought loops, judging your coworker, having imaginary arguments, losing focus, not creating value, and wasted energy. In the end, this thought creates the result of YOU sabotaging you.

The first step to getting unstuck from this thought is to realize that our brains are so dramatic.  The second step is to question everything. Is your coworker really trying to sabotage you? Is there another way to think of this? Could your coworker just be being a human who says words, and you are interpreting him/her as sabotaging you?

All of your power is in seeing that your coworker is just a circumstance in your life, and you get to choose how you want to think, feel, act, and result.

Choose wisely.

I like to instead think, “my coworker can’t sabotage me; I always figure it out.” This thought feels empowering and drives actions of focused work, creating value, celebrating my wins, and massive action. In the end, I always figure it out. No one can sabotage me, unless I let them.

All thoughts are available to you.

Pick the thoughts that serve you.

Christina A. Arnold, MD is a GI pathologist and professional career coach. Follow her podcast at https://yourpathinfocus.podbean.com/ and reach her at YourPathInFocus.com.

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