“I don’t have enough time”

Coaching Tips with Dr. Arnold 

Do you ever think, “I don’t have enough time”?

This is a near-universal thought shared by many in and outside of medicine. 

How does this thought make you feel? For most, this thought leads to a feeling of overwhelm that drives the actions of having less focus, which prolongs the day, leads to poor sleep, strains relationships, sours your experience with work and loved ones, and results in having even less time and more tasks to accomplish. 

 “I don’t have enough time” may seem like a fact, but it is an optional thought. It may seem like a small innocuous thought, but when you see how it makes you feel and the actions and results it causes, it is an expensive thought. You may have thought this sentence so often that you aren’t even aware of how it impacts your life, but take a careful look at how it makes you feel and what actions and results it creates. 

What is another thought about your life that is at least equally true that would drive positive emotions, actions, and results? For my clients, I work on moving toward “there is exactly enough time.” Realize that the essential tasks always get done, and you are the boss and decide what will get done today. The rest will wait until tomorrow. The world will not end. Manage your mind. Be the boss. 

Once you become comfortable with “there is exactly enough time,” I encourage you to start adopting the thought “there is more than enough time.” How does that feel? Amazing. Empowering. In control of your time. 

Be the Boss.

All thoughts are optional.

Pick the thoughts that serve you.

This piece is adapted from the original publication in The Pathologist Educator, February 24, 2021