I Can’t Possibly Miss A Critical Diagnosis

Coaching Tips with Christina A. Arnold, MD 

Many clients present with “I can’t possibly miss a critical diagnosis.”

As obvious as this thought sounds, it actually makes us more likely to make mistakes. This thought can lead to paralyzing fear, painful self-doubt, and a constant nagging feeling that wakes us up in the middle of the night, stealing our sleep and compounding a lack of focus during a busy sing-out day.

Our brains want all sorts of evidence to prove that we are good enough. Until we have the evidence through years of sign-out experience, you have to rely on your courage and your commitment to never ever ever ever quit on yourself. Confidence will come with time and experience. Until then, have as much compassion, grace, and love for yourself as you have for your child, little sister, or mentee. It’s so much easier to show that grace to others, isn’t it?

What feeling would help you show up as the best version of yourself at sign-out? Certainly not a feeling of self-doubt, distraction, or incompetence. Instead, I try to cultivate a sense of laser focus before each sign-out by practicing the thoughts, “I am the best doctor for this patient; this is the best patient for me; I am always doing my best.”

All thoughts are available to you.

Pick the thoughts that serve you.

Christina A. Arnold, MD is a GI pathologist and professional career coach. Follow her podcast at https://yourpathinfocus.podbean.com/ and reach her at YourPathInFocus.com.